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The University still will be able to access historical data from legacy finance and human resources/payroll systems.

Most of the legacy systems replaced by ConnectCarolina will be read-only accessible for at least a year to 18 months. Some legacy systems will continue after go-live. Legacy reporting tools such as WebFOCUS, OBIEE and BenefitsWeb will be phased out, and UNC-Chapel Hill will cease creating new reports with these tools.

For some systems, the explanation of whether they’re staying or going isn’t so simple. AffiliateWeb, for example, is technically going away. But a system that looks very similar will take its place. It, however, has some different functionality on the back end and will be used only in some cases.

The following finance systems will continue post go-live:

  • Web Travel
  • Central Airfare Billing System (CABS)
  • FRED – only to support Web Travel and CABS (other workflow will be in PeopleSoft)
  • PCard
  • Unit Accounting System
  • Surplus Property Management System
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