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In preparation for the October 1 go-live of the finance and human resources/payroll portions of ConnectCarolina, developers, business process owners and campus users tested the system for months before wrapping up the testing phase in August.

Why did we conduct such extensive testing?

  • Collect user feedback
  • Ensure user acceptance
  • Verify every piece of the system works properly
  • Ensure system meets users’ needs
  • Ensure users understand the functionality
  • Enable users to visualize and plan for the impact on their business processes


How extensive was testing?

  • 2,500 business scenarios were tested.
  • Nearly everyone on the project team tested – about 300 people.
  • About 390 users from campus and from central offices tested finance, human resources/payroll and reporting.


To learn more, visit the ConnectCarolina User Site
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