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With support and encouragement from the Residence Hall Association, ITS and University Housing and Residential Education completed the Wi-Fi expansion in half the scheduled time for the project. The departments completed the work in early 2014 instead of at the beginning of the 2015 spring semester. Workers installed approximately 2,000 wireless access points to bring Wi-Fi to 8,700 students in 32 residence halls. Campus leaders and individual workers on the project called the effort a success.


“In all of my (29) years here, it was the best collaborative effort I’ve ever witnessed,” said Larry Hicks, Director of Housing and Residential Education.

The effort required full, on-location building site surveys of every residence hall. The survey assessed appropriate signal strengths and radio placement, created a plan for providing network cabling and switch ports to each wireless access point, and determined a design to provide power to these access points.

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  • 2,000 wireless access points…

  • accessible by 8,700 students…

  • in 32 residence halls.[/unc-panel-tab]



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