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Over the past several months, Information Technology Services (ITS) has made significant enhancements to the wireless coverage and security of the campus network. The following briefly describes the completed and progressing network centric initiatives. Additional information on all of these advances and other initiatives can be found on the ITS Initiatives home page.

Classroom Wi-Fi Initiative

During this past spring and summer of 2013, ITS Communications Technology and Teaching and Learning undertook an initiative to install pervasive Wi-Fi coverage in all General Purpose Classrooms on campus. Over 230 new wireless access points were installed in the expansion. Learn more

ResNet Wireless Upgrade

Aided by Provost provided one-time funding support and engagement of the Residence Hall Association, ITS and UNC Housing and Residential Education have joined forces in providing pervasive Wi-Fi/wireless coverage within all on-campus University residence halls. This work is progressing ahead of schedule by a large margin. Much of the residence hall bedroom areas are now covered with Campus wireless. Learn more

Campus Network Hardware Refresh

In addition to the previously mentioned advances, a three year plan has been developed to allow the wired network to be supported with periodic technology refreshes utilizing funds from the CommTech Rate Model. You can read about the proposed three year plan and may other technology projects that are underway at the ITS Initiatives webpage.

Enhancing Campus Wi-Fi Security

From wireless encryption perspective, much of the campus was using an old legacy wireless network/SSID “UNC-1”, which was set up before the turn of the century when Wi-Fi started on campus.  The alternative to WEP for encryption is WPA2, which is used by the campus wireless networks/SSIDs UNC-Secure and UNC-PSK.  Since June 2013, departments have participated in the decommissioning of UNC-1 from their buildings and replaced with UNC-Secure and UNC-PSK. These removals were completed during the 2013 Fall Break. Learn more

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