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Progress continues on the ConnectCarolina project as the analysis and requirements gathering phase closes, and the design, development and testing phases gear up. With a go-live date of January 2014, here is just a brief look at what the project team is working on.


  • The Finance team began unit testing (testing pieces of the system) on Sept. 11, completing that phase on Oct. 17.  As expected, some “bugs” were found, and are being corrected and re-tested. The next round of unit testing begins on November 14. After several more rounds of testing, some members of the Campus Working Groups will begin to test the system in the March/April 2013 timeframe.
  • The Finance team is finalizing the security requirements analysis and continuing to lay out the foundation for security in PeopleSoft.  The requirements will be presented to the Finance members of the Joint Campus Working Group for Organizational Relationships, Security, Workflow and Reporting for their review.
  • Final workflow requirements have been distributed to Campus Working Group.  The team is analyzing how delivered PeopleSoft workflow will meet (“fit”) the requirements and, when delivered workflow does not meet (“gap”) requirements, creating documents detailing the options available to the University for non-delivered solutions.
  • Functional and technical specifications continue to move through the review process; designand development is continuing on items with approved functional specifications.
  • Campus Working Groups continue meeting monthly; find out who represents your school/unit and ask for information on the project.


  • The HR/Payroll team has made additional progress on the use of Multiple Jobs at UNC-Chapel Hill and how that will be applied in PeopleSoft.  Discussions have taken place on how the various options would impact commitment accounting, payroll and benefits. The Workforce Administration Campus Working Group will be meeting Nov. 7 to review these options.
  • Agreement on a preliminary high level design has been reached for the Rapid Data Entry screen for Salary Source Changes.  This design will now be vetted with the Business Analysts and ultimately the Campus Working Group to assure the functionality will meet business requirements
  • Significant progress has been made on the integration in PeopleSoft between HR/Payroll and Finance for biographical data and other data that will be in HR/Payroll. This includes limited employee data to be transferred to GL (general ledger) with each payroll.
  • The HR/Payroll team continues to work on documents for functional design, interface design and conversion design.  The team submitted additional designs for approval and then will turn the documents over to development.
  • Security requirements were presented on Oct. 31 to the HR/Payroll members of the Joint Campus Working Group for Organizational Relationships, Security, Workflow and Reporting.
  • All of the HR/Payroll Campus Working Groups continue to meet monthly; the team is refining future meeting topics to assure each meeting builds on one another and provides quality information on PeopleSoft to the entire group.

Reporting and Data Warehouse

  • The initial set of Student Records reports will be introduced to a group of campus users at a meeting on Nov. 15. This marks the first step for the return to self-service reporting, and the repository of reports will grow over time. The key reports being released are: Class Instructor; Class Meeting; Degree Candidates; Degree Recipients; Term Enrollment; Class; Class TBA.  These are the most commonly used reports, and have been designed to be as user-friendly and flexible as possible. Information on access to and use of these reports as well as how to get help and report problems will be provided. For more information, contact the University Registrar.
  • The data warehouse team is working on Campus Community and Admissions & Recruiting data marts; the target deployment date is January 2013
  • The Reporting team is helping the Finance and HR teams begin testing reports by setting up a “sandbox” environment. The team is also testing prototype reports for eProcurement.
  • The team continues to review and build the Data Dictionary, a centralized repository of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage, and format.  It is mainly used by “super-users” of reporting software for information management purposes.

Campus Solutions

  • Testing is underway on automated interfaces required affected by changes to Campus Solutions due to the planned implementations of the Finance and HR PeopleSoft module.
  • The Campus Solutions team is also defining the requirements for the grade change process, planned for Jan/Feb 2013 implementation.
  • Work continues to streamline the security roles and access process for Campus Solutions.
  • The team is working on analysis and requirements documentation for creating reports and transcripts for contextualized grading (first reports are planned for January, 2013).
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