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The ConnectCarolina project team is deep into the implementation of the Finance and HR/Payroll modules of PeopleSoft. Much of the analysis phase is complete, and the Finance and HR/Payroll project teams are into the detailed work of the project – taking the University’s needs and configuring PeopleSoft to work for us with as little customization as possible.  Here is just a brief look at what the project team is working on.

Deployment Strategy for ConnectCarolina
The Sponsors of the University’s ERP, which includes the ConnectCarolina project, announced on August 28, 2012, that the Finance and HR/Payroll implementations would both take place in January 2014.  This followed careful analysis of the deployment (“go-live”) options.

The Finance project team has begun testing the new system. The initial phase began Sept. 11, 2012, and is planned to be completed by mid-October. This will be followed by additional testing which will go deeper into the system to ferret out any issues with configurations, modifications, conversions, interfaces and security. Subsequent testing phases will begin to enlist Campus Working Group members to help thoroughly test the system.

At the same time, functional and technical specifications continue to move through the review process. Specification documents detail how the PeopleSoft software needs to work for the University, both from the end user’s perspective and behind-the-scenes. Design specifications help ensure that the delivered software meets the needs of all users.  Once specifications are approved, technical development gets underway.

Human Resources/Payroll
The project team continues to work on the functional design documents for all approved system modifications; these are expected to be completed by mid-October. The team has also begun work on interface designs for HR, Payroll and Benefits.  Work is continuing on the data conversion needed for HR/Payroll go live, with weekly meetings to map specific data elements.

The HR team is also working with Campus Solutions to coordinate integration between the two modules for the required biographical data that will be in HR/Payroll.

Workflow requirements are currently being collected through the Finance and HR Campus Working Groups.  The deadline for feedback is Sept. 27, 2012.  Next steps include consolidation of the requirements, fit/gap analysis and the creation of gap documents that will detail the options available to the University for non-delivered solutions.

Campus Outreach
Campus Working Groups for the ConnectCarolina project meet monthly and serve as two-way communicators for the project and campus.  Members of the Campus Working Groups were appointed by Deans to provide input to the project and to communicate project information to schools/units.

Technical support personnel may participate in the Applications Collaborative, which focuses on the integration of PeopleSoft with various departmental systems.  To join, email  You may also be interested in the Departmental Systems 101 document.

Learn “PeopleSpeak”
PeopleSoft is not just a new system; it is a new language as well.

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