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The ConnectCarolina project team is deep into the implementation of the Finance and HR/Payroll modules of PeopleSoft. Much of the analysis phase is complete, and the Finance and HR/Payroll project teams are into the detailed work of the project – taking the University’s needs and configuring PeopleSoft to work for us with as little customizationas possible.

Here is just a brief look at what the project team is working on. (Click on the link text for definitions of the terms.)

Finance – go-live scheduled for July 1, 2013

  • The development of the To Be Business Processes and the Test Scenarios for Functional Testing remains a high priority for completion over the next 2-3 weeks.
  • A security consultant is working on a high level strategy for what security will be used to meet the University’s requirements for system use and data access. After review and approval by the Executive Steering Committee, detailed design work to implement the strategy can begin.
  • Workflow requirements will be finalized over the coming weeks once the To Be Processes are completed. Development will begin as requirements are made final.
  • Work to detail the technical design for modifications and interfaces continues.
  • Functional and Technical Specifications continue to move through the review process. Technical design and development is underway on the items with approved functional specifications.
  • Monthly meetings continue with the Campus Working Groups; a tremendous amount of work has been done by these groups on the new chartfields.

Human Resources/Payroll – go-live date TBD

  • Functional design work continues for the known gapsin HR/Payroll. Completed functional designs have been sent to the development team for coding; a few have already been completed. Several more functional designs are in progress.
  • The HR/Payroll PeopleSoft team has begun configuration– setting up the tables and values that will ultimately be used in testing and, when complete, used in production. The HR/Payroll team is also creating workbooks for all configuration that will be entered into the environment.
  • A consultant has joined the team to focus on workflow. The project team has reviewed a list of proposed workflows that will be included in scope. Next steps on this will be to begin to size the development effort and, once approved, begin actual design for each.
  • Analysis of the requirements for security in PeopleSoft has begun. This includes collecting requirements, gathering additional data and ultimately recommending a security design.
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