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The ConnectCarolina project team, along with the Campus Working Groups (comprised of representatives from across campus), is continuing on the long road to implementation of the Finance and HR/Payroll modules of PeopleSoft. Here is just a brief look at what we are working on.


  • Work is settling into the steady rhythm of development
  • The development of Business Processes in the PeopleSoft environment is in process and will also produce the test scenarios for function testing
  • A security consultant is on board and busy evaluating the security requirements and crafting our security approach
  • The initial prototype of workflow was demonstrated to the Stakeholders May 22; it was well received and has allowed the team to proceed with an important set of implementation guidelines in place
  • Discovery work to detail the requirements for modifications and interfaces continues
  • Development of functional specifications continues to be a major focus
  • Technical Specifications are now in the review process
  • Technical design and development is underway on the items with approved functional specifications

Human Resources/Payroll

  • Gap documents have been approved by Stakeholders and Sponsors. Gap documents describe the changes needed to PeopleSoft to meet the University’s needs. The goal is to use PeopleSoft “out of the box” as much as possible, keeping modifications to a minimum. Sponsor approval is required for all modifications.
  • With the Sponsors and Stakeholders approval, ConnectCarolina business analysts are beginning work on the functional design documents. These documents will take the high level designs presented in gap documents and detail them so they can be reviewed and ultimately coded by the technical team.
  • The HR/Payroll project team has completed presentation of the solutions for known system gaps excluding workflow, the annual raise process and a few other smaller topics. Gaps for workflow and the annual raise process will be finalized in the near future as these require a greater depth of analysis to assure a proper solution is identified and implemented.
  • Solutions are being prepared for the use of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) at UNC.  The PeopleSoft definition varies some from how it is applied and used at UNC.  The project team is working on delivered solutions for this.
  • Discussions with various groups to finalize the decision on the use of Full or Partial Position Management for the University.   Other universities are being queried to see if and how they use Position Management and the advantages and disadvantages to the approach. The topic is expected to be discussed in an upcoming Stakeholder meeting.
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