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The ConnectCarolina project team has been working on the HR/Payroll and Finance implementations for the last 18 months. The primary focus has been determining what the University needs the system to do (“requirements”) and how PeopleSoft meets those needs

Along with subject matter experts (SMEs) and business analysts (BAs) from the functional offices as well as Campus Working Groups, the team has been engaged in a process called fit/gap:

  • Fit is a requirement that can be met by PeopleSoft without modification
  • Gap is a requirement that cannot be satisfied by PeopleSoft

Gaps are resolved by business process changes wherever possible. Under the clear direction of Sponsors and Stakeholders, the project is keeping modifications to a minimum, and all modifications require the approval of the Sponsors

Keeping modifications to a minimum saves time and money, especially when regular updates to the software are delivered by PeopleSoft, such as annual updates to federal financial aid regulations. Each update requires ITS and functional offices to conduct extensive testing before going live; modifications mean even more testing and increase the risk of problems with the system.

The Path to Go Live
On both the Finance and HR/Payroll projects, the ConnectCarolina team has been developing plans for completing the project, including estimates for conversions, interfaces, customizations, workflow, security and reporting. The goal is a final project definition covering:

  • Scope — what will be done
  • Schedule — how long it will take
  • Budget — how much will it cost

In the first half of 2012, the Stakeholders and Sponsors will review the final scope, schedule and budget. The team will then develop timelines to go-live for the Finance and HR/Payroll projects.

Just as with Campus Solutions, the Finance and HR/Payroll components will be regularly upgraded after the initial go-live. The implementation of PeopleSoft modernizes the University’s administrative systems and puts a framework in place for continual improvements.

Campus Working Groups Critical to Project
HR/Payroll and Finance Campus Working Groups have been formed, comprised of representatives from schools and units across campus. The more than 200 members of these working groups serve a critical role in the ConnectCarolina project by providing feedback on the new system/processes to the project team and by communicating information about the new system to their Schools/Divisions.

There is also an Applications Collaborative group comprised of technical support employees from schools and units across campus. This group is helping these employees prepare for the significant changes that will be introduced with the implementation of the ConnectCarolina HR, payroll and finance projects.

Reporting Project Underway
The project is also working on implementing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), a data warehouse for all PeopleSoft applications and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), a reporting tool. The focus initially will be on Campus Solutions, but will serve all components of ConnectCarolina over time

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