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The final phase of the move to Microsoft Exchange from the ITS centrally-managed IMAP system (, will end on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012 when Information Technology Services (ITS) retires the IMAP service. All users should migrate any remaining email in the IMAP system and confirm that their account can be deleted prior to this date.

To migrate IMAP email to your current Exchange account, visit, log in, and click submit. To move email to HeelMail, provides detailed instructions on how to self-migrate. For assistance, please call 962-HELP.

For employees who have already migrated their old email or have no need to, simply visit, to indicate that your mailbox contents can be permanently archived, then deleted from IMAP. Just log in and click submit to confirm.

ITS will automatically produce a permanent archive of any remaining content on mailboxes left in IMAP as of the Jan. 3 deadline. Once content is permanently archived, retrieval will be onerous and only possible in the most extreme circumstances. ITS encourages users to migrate any required content prior to Jan. 3. After the permanent archive is stored, ITS will delete the remaining accounts from IMAP and decommission the service.

The email transition began in early 2010. Since then, more than 53,000 accounts have been created in Microsoft Exchange and HeelMail. Unifying email and calendaring services was one of the principal information technology recommendations of the Carolina Counts battery of initiatives.

“Completion of migration to the Exchange platform provides a significantly more robust, stable, and flexible platform for the Carolina community,” said Larry Conrad, vice chancellor for information technology and chief information officer. “Integration with mobile devices is substantially improved and it matches the environment many of our students will encounter professionally after graduation.”

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