Basic Service Level Agreement


To establish funding for customer-site computer services to be provided by the ITS On-Site Support Group (ITS OSS) to the Customer’s Department. The Customer Department will purchase the service on an hourly basis, at the current rate of $45.00 per hour, in exchange for which ITS will provide on-site services focused upon the customer site’s network infrastructure, network engineering, and desktop computer machinery. Services provided will include the areas listed below, and additional items may be added as they are discovered and determined to be appropriate. An example worksheet displaying standard estimated position costs is attached.

Please note: Our standard Memo of Understanding is also attached. ITS respectfully requests the customer department to please have this Memo signed by the customer department’s dean/chairperson or budget officer (a department staff representative that has signatory authority to commit the funding). This will clearly state the department management and budget officer’s consent and agreement with these negotiations, and confirm contracting with ITS for contracted services.

On-site Service Point of Contact

The Point of Contact (POC) is simply a way for the ITS staff delivering the services to the Customer’s site to have access to the appropriate tasks and priorities that need to be addressed for the Customer. Therefore, we ask that the Customer Department identify either a person or a committee or group of staff from within the Customer’s Department, and designate this person/group as the primary contact point for the ITS staff to coordinate with and work through when performing services for the Customer. Our goal is to make sure that ITS is aware of the tasks that need to be addressed, and that the tasks are in the order of priority that best satisfies the Customer Department’s overall business goals and objectives.

ITS will track all customer service activity through the Remedy ticket tracking system. Requests for service from our group can be made through the 962-HELP telephone number and ITRC service desk. ITS will strive to provide general consultation and information about ITS initiatives and directions in whatever manner that is most useful to the Customer Department. ITS also wants to avoid accidentally making bad decisions regarding the implementation of services for the Department due to a lack of information or knowledge of the Customer Department’s most pressing business needs. To avoid such mishaps, we have found that having a designated staff person from within the Department with whom we coordinate and communicate our activities will greatly reduce such risks and this is why we request the establishment of a Point of Contact.

Site Level Agreement

ITS OSS will provide services in the following areas:

  • Network infrastructure and engineering:
    • Connectivity to ITS services
    • Customer site network connectivity
    • Customer site general network infrastructure support
  • Desktop computer services:
    • Desktop hardware installation
    • Desktop hardware management (inventory, maintenance, etc.)
    • Desktop hardware troubleshooting
  • Software services:
    • Software installation
    • Software management (inventory, maintenance, etc.)
    • Software troubleshooting focused on quality of installation
    • Minimal applications software support
    • Triage of software troubleshooting with other ITS service groups
  • Business function services:
    • General consultation (standard equipment specifications, etc.)
    • Periodic reports on status of systems (in writing and/or verbal)
    • ITS communication and information
    • Advice and counsel as requested, required and/or appropriate
    • Direct access to other ITS and campus centralized resources
  • Other services:
    • ITS services: email, calendar, ITS training, ITS Applications & operations, AFS file storage, ITS cluster services
    • Software troubleshooting focused on quality of installation
    • Server options, such as location of the Customer Department’s server within the ITS Server Farm, ITS Cluster, ITS AFS and related server-centric services

Our focus is on supporting the customer’s business functions, and to provide support services to the data network infrastructure. We want to provide quality management of the network engineering and the customer’s network desktop installations. Please note we do not provide direct application support beyond the standard suite of office automation applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Thunderbird, and related campus-standard general office applications). ITS has application services groups that are in place specifically to provide support of business-specific applications. We gladly refer customer departments to these other ITS service areas as needed and appropriate.

Mechanics of the Dispatch Service

We respectfully request that the customer department provide the following items in order to guarantee the best possible quality of support from our staff:

  • Alphanumeric pager. Standard monitoring of the pager by the ITS staff is from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday during regular University business days. Our staff is dispatched by the OSS group based on the intake of Remedy tickets from our customer departments, and in turn based on severity of need.
  • Duty station:
    • General availability is 8am to 5pm
    • Customer provided work area, as appropriate
    • Customer provided storage of applicable site-specific equipment inventory
    • Customer provided storage of applicable site-specific software inventory
    • Customer provided special office supplies and media (ITS will provide the general standard office support items.

ITS provides position management of the staff and all ITS standard procedures and directives for the position.