Web Services


Web.unc.edu is a Web-publishing service that allows anyone with an Onyen to create a website at no cost. The service is run on the WordPress platform, so it’s easy to use yet offers powerful features and functionality. All websites are hosted on enterprise-level hardware and supported by ITS and the Office of Arts and Sciences Information Services (OASIS).

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AFS Space

AFS is a file system used by Carolina to provide personal and group space to anyone with an Onyen. You can keep important files and Web pages in your personal AFS space, or you can use it to transfer files from one place to another. AFS space is accessible from any of the login and research servers and from departmental and desktop systems running AFS client software.

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Microsoft SharePoint (Collaboration)

ITS offers a free Microsoft SharePoint service for Web-based document management, collaboration and organizational workflow.

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OpenShift gives you all the tools you need to develop, host and scale your apps in the public or private cloud.