Voicemail to Email

Service Description

Voicemail to Email, often referred to as Unified Messaging, is a feature of the University’s voicemail system that sends new voicemail messages as a .wav file to the customer's email inbox. Messages can be listened to over the computer or on a smart device, and they can be forwarded, deleted or saved just like any other new email message.

-The visual message indicator on the phone is no longer guaranteed when subscribing to this feature.
-Works best for customers who are mobile and not always at their desk to retrieve new voice messages or have a shared mailbox where multiple staff members need to have access to new messages.
-Subject to the public records retention policy that applies to all email messages.


Faculty and Staff.

Service Provisioning


Supported Environment/Services

Customers are required to have a University Office365 account or Exchange account (2010 or 2013).

One-time set-up fee of $25.00 per mailbox.