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Service description

ITS Research Computing provides access to a large number of commercial and open-source research software packages and tools for use on central compute clusters. The list of available packages includes, but is not limited to, compilers; statistical and mathematical software (such as: SAS, Stata, Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, and R); scientific software (for example: Materials Studio, Discovery Studio, Gaussian, NWChem, Amber, PyMOL, Gromacs; ArcGIS; and visualization tools such as IDL). Note that not all applications are available on each central cluster. We can work with you to identify the best compute environment for your work, given your software needs, computational requirements and data.

Research Computing also funds the site or volume licensing of various commercial research applications (for example, ArcGIS and Matlab); thus they may be available for use on other University-owned machines in addition to being available on Research Computing’s clusters. ITS Software Acquisitions ( manages the distribution of such software and can be consulted to determine the exact terms and conditions governing the use of a given licensed product.

In addition, Research Computing maintains a large CentOS repository comprising more than 600 RPMs for tools and applications that can be used in conjunction with TarHeel Linux.

Installed software is typically available on the central clusters when the clusters are operational.


The CentOS repository is usually available 24/7. Unanticipated outages of software availability occurring off-hours will be investigated the next business day. Best-effort will be made to address licensed software availability issues when reported, even when outside the normal workday. However, vendor assistance is often required for resolving license issues, and many vendor contracts provide only business-hour support.

Help and more information

Information about the CentOS repository and TarHeel Linux can be viewed at .

ITS Software Acquisitions can be consulted for details around the licensing terms for available site-licensed or volume-licensed software.

If you would like to request additional research software applications and tools, contact us by submitting a Remedy ticket to Research Computing or by sending email to . You can also contact Michael Barker,, 919-962-4314, if you would like to discuss software needs or explore collaborative acquisition of additional research tools.

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