Onyen (shortname identifier)

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Onyen is the name for Carolina’s campus-wide identifier that you can use to gain access to various electronic resources on campus. Although it is a word, you can think of it as an acronym for the “only name you’ll ever need.” The distinctive name is intended to prevent confusing it with the myriad other user IDs that exist across campus.

Onyen exclusivity

  • Onyens are the only electronic service keys available to all members of the campus community — faculty, staff and students alike. (Carolina has about 45,000 of them)
  • Every Onyen is associated with a particular person via his or her personal identification (PID).
  • Each Onyen has its own password that can be used over secure connections for encrypted sessions to Web and other servers across campus.
  • Although ITS manages Onyens, any campus department or group that allocates resources to University-affiliated people can use Onyens as authentication keys. These groups, however, are not responsible for administering the creation of user IDs or the management of passwords.

Onyens represent a significant part of the commitment by ITS to provide equitable campus-wide access to a range of ITS and other services. As technology permits, Onyen-based access will be used for an increasing number of services both within ITS and across campus.

Self-service for Onyen maintenance

  • Allows for creation of Onyens by eligible affiliates
  • Provides password change self-service
  • Provides subscription self-service for Onyen-related services such as Andrew File System (AFS), mailing lists and DHCP


Entire campus as well as off campus affiliates.

Customer responsibilities

  • Onyen users must agree to terms of agreement and follow University policy with regard to Onyen accounts (http://help.unc.edu/1687).
  • Passwords changes for Onyen accounts are mandated by ITS Security. Onyen passwords expire in 90 days.

Help and more information

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