On-Site Support

VQ2A9359 copyService description

The User Support and Engagement On-Site Support group (OSS) is committed to providing professional, informed, courteous, customer-focused IT services, in person at the customer’s work location.

On-site support is provided two ways: (1) on-site personnel and (2) dispatch service.

How we calculate charges

Fees for on-site personnel vary according to how much support is needed, and are based on a percentage of a permanent, full-time employee’s salary. Dispatch support charges are based on an hourly rate of $45.

OSS provides continuity, centralized management, and ITS supervision of the support position.

University departments needing on-site computer support often find this option preferable to hiring and managing their own staff position. Departments that already have IT staff may find that freeing their staff from routine support tasks allows their staff to focus more effectively on the unique research and instructional needs of the department.

Help and more information

If you have a problem and we already support your department, call the ITS Response Center at 919-962-HELP(4357) to have an analyst dispatched to your location.

If you wish to set up this type of support for your department or group, contact Ken Yow at 919-962-1422 or send an email to ken_yow@unc.edu.

For on-site support issues within the on-campus residence halls, visit ResNET.