Learning Space Design (classroom renovations)

Venable Hall construction on the campus of Univerisity of North Carolina at Chapel HillService description

For more than a decade, ITS have participated in every general-purpose classroom renovation at UNC-Chapel Hill. From the very first master classroom to our modern, sleek and sophisticated multimedia classrooms, we have placed Carolina at the forefront of innovation instructional technology.



Forefront of Innovation Instructional Technology

  • Learning Space Design at UNC-Chapel Hill was an early-adopter of low-cost, high-performance LCD Projection Technology. (ITS wrote the book on the open contract for projectors currently used by the State of North Carolina)
  • We pioneered the use of the standardized control interface, enabling faculty to operate any classroom system without special training.
  • ITS set the benchmark for installation quality by making Carolina the first university to have ICIA-certified installers on staff.
  • We developed the first fully-automated, low-cost, self-service teleconferencing classroom built on H.323 protocol.

Design service options

ADA Systems Integration

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Design Space Compliant

We can offer and help design various other features that can be integrated into your room: assistive listening devices, closed captioning, movable and adjustable podiums, wireless keyboards and gyroscope mice. We are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Security (surveillance and features)

Security and surveillance to protect the high-tech equipment installed.

Design considerations:

Security features:
Ensure security cables, lockable equipment racks and special security screws are used to make it very difficult for theft to occur.

We can also help provide surveillance in your room. With the use of ceiling security cameras, we can record live video feed to a computer server or have someone monitor the feed either online or on a television. It is important to us that your room is secure while not compromising its functionality.

Equipment Installation

After you approve the room designs, your room is built, and the equipment has been purchased and arrived, Learning Space Design installs all the equipment for you. With the use of qualified vendors, we can get the equipment installed correctly and efficiently.

All of our installers are fully licensed and experienced in building rooms according to ICIA standards. We test and double check to make sure all the rooms are working properly. We can document the rooms with training manuals and online simulations if required.

Programming the Control Device and Creating Training Manuals

Programming and coding
At Learning Space Design, we handle the programming and design of the control devices for your room. With the use of equipment from various high-tech companies (i.e., AMX, Extron, iLink), we create an environment that can be fully controlled from one workstation.

We utilize touch panels that enable the user to control various settings within the room including such features as: lighting, VCR, DVD player, LCD projector, projection screens and window shades. See an example of a touch panel display and layout.

If you don’t like the layout of the on-screen touch panel, we can work with you to accommodate the design to your liking. We can modify the various menu options and layout of the screen to meet your needs and functionality, while making it attractive we can document your layout and create help menus and guides.

We also handle all the programming and coding to control your room. We code and program how the room is to be controlled and load it into the devices. If you have network capabilities, you control the rooms remotely from your laptop. With today’s equipment, you have many options.

Training Manuals
We create training manuals on how to use the touch panels and navigate through the various menu options. These documents can be printed or placed online.

Acquiring Equipment

We have a variety of vendors for equipment and technology to fit your room’s needs. The vendors are able to purchase equipment directly from high tech companies quickly and often at discounted rates.

We work with your purchasing agents to help ensure products are ordered correctly and efficiently. We inventory and track all incoming equipment to help you keep records accurate.

Consultations for Room Design and AV Systems

When starting to think about your project, you really should meet with us so we can collaborate upon building you the very best and adequate room for your technology needs.

The earlier the involvement, planning and communication with our group and other players, (the architects, designers, contractors and other teams involved) the better off you are in helping prevent any problems that may occur through the project schedule.

Equipment Checklist

Get a copy of an equipment checklists by going to the CDC complaint list or to the general classroom list. (Files are downloadable in PDF format.)