Dispatch Services

Dispatch3Service description

Dispatch services provides desk-side support to faculty, staff and departments at UNC-Chapel Hill. We provide professional, informed, courteous, customer-focused IT services, in person, at our customer’s work locations. The primary focus of dispatch services is to support our customer’s business functions, and to provide support services for our customer’s computers and the campus data network infrastructure. We provide support for all campus-standard office applications, and we will provide best-effort support of most non-standard applications and systems.

We provide service directly to our customers within their offices and buildings. Dispatch services staff are dispatched to the customer’s site to perform the work.


Commonly provided services:

  • Desktop and laptop hardware installation
  • Desktop and laptop hardware management, inventory, maintenance, etc.
  • Desktop and laptop hardware troubleshooting
  • Software installation
  • Software management, inventory, maintenance, etc.
  • Software troubleshooting focused on quality of installation
  • Triage of software troubleshooting with other ITS service groups
  • General consultation regarding equipment and IT services
  • Periodic reports on status of systems
  • Manage access rights to shared resources (networked file space, printers, public computers, etc.)
  • Assist with procuring additional computing resources and services (computers, networked file space, email storage, etc.)
  • Advice and counsel as requested, required and appropriate
  • Direct access to other ITS and campus centralized resources
  • Identify and secure Sensitive Data
  • Regular vulnerability scanning (Qualys)
  • Address identified vulnerabilities in a timely manner
  • Setup encryption where appropriate (hard drives, files, email, etc.)
  • Update and patch systems as requested and appropriate
  • Connectivity to ITS services
  • Customer site network connectivity
  • Customer site liaison services with ITS Communication Technologies

Additional support and services:

Dispatch Services also can assist with IT projects and/or technology installations through participation on project teams or by executing the regular duties of existing IT staff while the project or installation is completed.

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