Computer Repair Center

computer-repairService description

The Computer Repair Center (CRC) is a Lenovo-authorized computer repair center, located on campus. We provide students, faculty and staff with the quickest possible warranty repairs of their CCI-purchased Lenovo model laptops and desktops.

Our service goals are to complete warranty repairs within 24 hours and to complete insurance repairs in five to seven working days. Note: Our response time is based on the availability of replacement parts.

The CRC staff are available Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Computers may be submitted for repair during ITRC hours which are listed at


All student-owned laptop insurance repairs are handled through the Safeware Insurance Co. The maximum deductible is $250, but depending on the plan, it may be as low as $50. The coverage is ONLY for the USA and Canada. Customers wishing to extend coverage outside of this area should contact Safeware. The insurance repairs are done on campus. Insurance forms are available at the ITS Response Center when customers checks in their computer.

The CRC performs warranty hardware repairs on campus. We work with Lenovo to acquire replacement parts and submit warranty claims for the repairs. When possible, faculty and staff computer repairs can be done on site in your UNC-Chapel Hill office.

  • Non-warranty repairs of HP black and white laser printers.
  • Non-warranty repairs of IBM/Lenovo laptop and desktop computers.

Note: All non-warranty repairs and estimates will have a minimum of a one hour labor charge of $48.

For hardware repair, please call 919-962-HELP.