Service Description

Voicemail is a computerized method of storing recorded messages on your telephone line. The most commonly used feature is call answering. Call answering occurs when a telephone line is programmed to forward to your voicemail box when the line is busy or unanswered. Voicemail auto attendants are used to provide callers options for directing calls to the proper location for handling.

Hours of Availability

In-service and emergency support: 24 hours a day – 7 days a week (subject to periodic scheduled downtime for system maintenance and repair) New service provisioning: Monday through Friday – Normal University working hours (excluding observed holidays)


All UNC-CH faculty and staff

Customer Responsibilities

Customer must submit a service requisition with an approved funding source.

How Do We Charge

Standard voice mail is included with phone service as part of the bundled communications charge. Additional voicemail options include:
  • Voicemail with Extended Greeting - $15.00 per month recurring fee.
  • Voicemail with Additional Messages- $10.00 per month recurring fee.
  • Voicemail Auto Attendant Access - $60.00 per month recurring fee.
  • Voicecom Voicemail - $25.00 per month recurring fee.
  • Voicemail with Enhanced Features- $5.00 per month recurring fee.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Contact 962-HELP or submit an on-line service requisition request at https://itsapps.unc.edu/telreq/