University Services Systems

Service Description

Development and support of applications that support the various university administrative units. ITS provides support and implements enhancements as requested by Campus Services or Facilities Planning and Construction. Application Development and Support is provided for the following applications:
  • Facilities Services
    • Facility Focus/AiM and bolt-ons:  maintenance management tool in support of building and vehicle maintenance which includes management of assets, inventory, and work management in support building/vehicle maintenance.
    • Campus Mail:  application to support billing for university postage
    • Motor Fleet / Motor Pool:  Application to bill for long term vehicle leases and to manage + bill short term leases - other applications in support of this service includes FuelMaster for sale and billing of fuel
  • Facilities Planning and Construction
    • Capital Improvements Program (CIP) - application developed to track major capital projects, to include overall timeline, contracts and all financial tracking
  • Energy Services
    • Energy Services Web Applications:
      • Energy Services Dashboard - application to show building usage of utilities and trending by month and year.
      • ESBilling - application to allow customers to view invoices.
      • EDS Meter Application - application to allow Energy Services staff to maintain and monitor meter activity and produce monthly billing data to be sent to the Energy Services Utility Billing Application.
      • Chilled Water Application - application to allow Energy Services staff to maintain and monitor meter activity for Chilled Water meters and produce monthly billing data to be sent to the Energy Services Utility Billing Application.
      • Web Services to provide meter reading data to Facilities.
      • Plone content management system for main Energy Services web site.
    • Lodestar Billing Application - monitor monthly billing process and support changes and upgrades to the application.
    • Maximo Work Management System - enhancements and reports to support the daily work management processes for Chilled Water, Cogeneration and Electric Distribution departments of Energy Services.
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety
    • Hasmis - This is the main application that the EHS staff uses to support their work activities.  It contains modules for Workplace Safety, Training, Erosion, Fire, Hazmat Pickup, Select Agent as well as others.  There are several reports that have been created as part of this application and are used heavily by staff.
    • EHS Web Applications
      • Chemical Inventory - This application allows lab personnel to enter and maintain the chemical inventories for their labs.
      • Lab Safety Plan - This application allows lab Principle Investigators to enter and maintain their Lab Safety Plans and for EHS staff to view and approve this data.
      • Ergonomic Appointment System - This application allows for appointments to be created related to ergonomic conditions.
      • Clinic Registration - This application allows for UNC affiliated persons to register, view and cancel as needed their appointments for vaccines.
      • Compliance Portal – This application allows campus employees to view their training and medical surveillance requirements and history of completion of requirements.  It also allows HR Facilitators to view compliance for their departments.
      • Self-Study Units-provides online training courses used by a variety of groups on and off campus.
      • Radiation Inventory - This application allows for the maintenance of information about radioactive materials on campus.
  • Financial Aid/Graduate School
    • Starlight Web Application - This application allows for entry and maintenance of departmental aid awards to students.
  • UNC Printing Services
    • Invoicing application
    • CC-IKON application
    • Printing Web Applications
      • CCInvoice - This application allows departments to view invoices for work they had completed through the Copy Centers.
      • PrintInvoice - This application allows departments to view invoices for work performed by UNC Printing.
      • Printing web application - This application allows departments to submit printing requests as well as view job status of requests submitted.
      • RFQ System - This application allows vendors to submit proposals for work that Printing has entered into the system and for Printing staff to review and select vendors.
  • One Card
    • Gold support and upgrade testing - CS Gold is the vendor application that the One Card office uses.  We support several reports that are viewed via the Gold database and have added several tables to the database to support added functionality.
    • PSX, One Card Accounting Application, Laundry Application, Meal plan Reporting, Carolina Express Plan Processing - various application developed to support the business of the One Card staff.
    • Nightly Feeds to One Card - batch feeds provide updates of student biodemo and student record (major and enrollment level) data to One Card office to support their business processes.
    • One Card Web Applications
      • Web POS - This application allows certain customers to view money available on a person's card and charge their card as needed.
      • One Card Main Application - This application allows users (students and staff) to view transaction data related to their account and account balances as well as purchase meal plans and add money to their account.  This application also provides administrative functionality for the One Card staff that is not available via the Gold interface.
  • Pid Office
    • Pid Office Web Applications
      • Affiliate Management - Application to allow the Pid Office staff to create pids and add records for people affiliated with the university but who don't fit into any of the other broad populations (staff, student, etc.)
      • PIDCreate Application - Application to allow users to add and search for pids.
      • Pid Stored Procedure Maintenance - modifications as new POI's are added to Peoplesoft and assistance with error monitoring.
  • Student Stores
    • Course Pack Publication application
    • Student Stores Web Applications
      • HigherGrounds Application - This application allows for viewing and ordering books for courses offered through the Friday Center
      • UNC Storefront - This application allows for online textbook sales and searching.
      • CCI Ordering and Admin - This application allows students and staff to view CCI computer and accessory options and make purchases.  The admin portion allows Store Staff to monitor and process orders.
      • Maint Application - This application provides several administrative functions to the Student Stores Staff to support their business.
      • Preorder Application - This application allows students to submit an order to have their textbooks packaged and ready for pickup when they start in the fall (Freshman and Transfers only).  The application contains processes that look up the students' schedules and compile their orders based on the books that are required for those courses without the student having to select them.
      • CCI Reclaim - This application allows the CCI group to monitor CCI grant usage against student status.  Letters are generated to students who received grants for CCI computers and have left the university prior to graduation.
  • Traffic/Public Safety
    • Data feeds to Traffic - We support nightly batch processes that provide data feeds to traffic containing biodemo data as well as student record data (enrollment level).
    • Billing Letters
    • Traffic Study support as needed
  • UNC TV
    • Letter processing and creation for several different promotions to include Renewals, Thank You Letters, Pledge, etc.
  • Center for Faculty Excellence
    • PIM – This application allows faculty members to specify their interests and receive information about new resources on a specified interval based on those interests.

Hours of Availability

Applications are available 24X7, excluding planned outages, maintenance windows, and unavoidable events.


Administrative Staff, Faculty, Employees

Customer Responsibilities

Identify a primary point of contact to work with ITS in coordinating the activities being performed by the service
  • Provide requirements to the Financial Services Support team in order to facilitate the appropriate scoping, design, development, testing, and implementation activities
  • Support requests relating to the use of the service will be initiated by opening an incident or request ticket

How Do We Charge

Mechelle Clayton University Services Portfolio Interim Director ITS-Enterprise Applications 919-698-8654

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Mechelle Clayton University Services Portfolio Interim Director ITS-Enterprise Applications 919-698-8654