Service Description

ITS delivers on-line and in person training related to a number of ITS delivered or supported services.


A range of workshop topics that cover instructional, informational, and research computing. Workshops are added frequently, so please check the ITS Workshop site for current offerings and to check your registration status.

You will need an active Onyen to register and to check on your account status. After you have completed an ITS workshop return to the ITS Workshop site to print a certification of completion.

Remedy Training

Remedy training is available through LearnIT when classes are posted. Remedy Training can also be requested by sending a Remedy ticket to REMEDY-ADMIN.

ResNET Programs & Training

Throughout the year, our Residential Computing Consultants (RCCs) offer educational training sessions right in your residence hall. You can expect to see a wide array of topics.

  • Paper to Plastic once again with E-Readers
  • Start the Decade with the New Microsoft Office - For Free!
  • 3D Laptops? Is this real life?
  • Low-cost Image Editing? Don't Fret - Use Paint.NET!
  • Wild New Technologies

Carolina Research Computing

Offers classes to help customers learn how to use research application software, understand the research computing environment at UNC Chapel Hill, and utilize job management to submit and monitor jobs. New users are encouraged to take some of our introductory software classes.

For class schedules and registration, please visit the ITS Training Class Registration page. You must be affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and have an Onyen to register for any ITS training classes.

Course documents for all classes offered by the Research Computing group can be accessed online at the ITS Research Computing Training Presentations page.

  • Perl: Getting Started
  • Matlab: Introduction
  • Linux: Introduction
  • Shell Scripting
  • Python: Introduction
  • Introduction to Topsail, a Research Computing Server
  • MPI for Parallel Computing

ConnectCarolina Training

Consistent and easy-to-use training and self-service support tools are a vital part of the success of the ConnectCarolina project. As the ConnectCarolina go-live events approach the people who will be able to access PeopleSoft as part of each go-live event receive invitations to online training and instructor-led workshops. Those workshops provide the information and hands-on opportunities to acquire and practice new skills needed by those doing their jobs in the affected campus offices.

Hours of Availability

On-line training is generally available 24 x 7.

In-person training is by request.


Students, faculty and staff.

Customer Responsibilities


How Do We Charge

Training is no charge.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Please use the contact noted in the Service Catalog entry for the service in question.