Secure NAS (Secure Network Attached Storage)

Service Description

ITS offers a Secure NAS (Secure Network Addressed Storage) service.  The service is offered as a departmental solution for the storage of sensitive data.

  • Security model is managed through Active Directory (
  • The environment provides for a detailed audit of user access to the file systems.
  • Point in time snapshots - Customers have direct access to point in time snapshots to facilitate the restore of deleted or previous versions of files.  Thirty days of snapshots are maintained.
  • Backup and Recovery - The primary environment is hosted in the ITS Manning data center.  A secondary environment is hosted in ITS Franklin.  Data is mirrored nightly between the two sites for disaster recovery/business continuity.
  • File storage solution is hosted on enterprise storage appliances

Hours of Availability

This service is available 24x7.


Campus departments

Customer Responsibilities

Responsible use of the storage as defined in the campus IT Security Policy.

How Do We Charge

Departments receive a base allotment at no charge.  The allotment is 1Gb per departmental FTE.  The FTE count is based on a Human Resources data extract.  Additional storage is available at the rate of $3 per gigabyte charged annually.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Please see our web site:

Submit a Remedy request to ITS-Systems.