Remedy Services

Service Description

Remedy Development and Services offers the development and support of over 30 custom applications developed in the BMC Remedy Action Request System (ARS) to both ITS and campus at large. Using ARS Rapid Action Development system, we can develop custom applications very quickly. Many of our applications were developed to support the campus Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI); this includes RFS, CTOPS/RAMShop, DHCP, CRC and Safeware. We also have a number of applications that support other ITS services and functions, e.g. Inventory Tracking, System Registration and Change Management.

We provide end user support, training and documentation for all of our applications. We maintain an extensive website that houses all of our documentation and FAQ’s. Additionally, we provide workflow, data management, and reporting consultations. Users are able to retrieve data from Remedy using our API for reporting using either WebFOCUS or Crystal Reports.

The Remedy applications that we provide development and support for include the following key products:

  • Request for Service (RFS)

- RFS is the Service Desk application that ITS Remedy Development and Services provides to all campus technical support organizations. Over 20 campus Help Desks and technical support organizations use RFS as their ticket tracking and resolution system. We have over 1,000 RFS users across over 250 Remedy groups.
- RFS functionality allows ticket creation by web or email. Currently have over 500 on-line request types and over 40 customized templates.
- We have integrated RFS with Cisco’s GoToAssist to enable customers to get support via live chat. This functionality is used by the ITRC and OASIS, the College of Arts & Sciences technical support organization.

  • Project Tracking System (PTS)

- This application provides project management functionality, oversight, and reporting that can assist with setting priorities and managing staff resources. PTS integrated into the RFS application to provide functionality for creating a project from a ticket, and the ability to create/assign problem tickets from within a project.
- PTS Customer Web interface with PTS that allows ITS customers to enter projects they would like ITS to address.

  • CTOPS/RAMShop and DHCP

- This application marries each student’s PID with the Lenovo Serial Number of the laptop they purchase, automatically registers the laptop on the campus DHCP and generates the RamShop invoice. Data collected by this application is used by RFS to provide technical support and by the CRC to provide hardware repair.

  • Computer Repair Center (CRC)

- This application supports the ITS Computer Repair Center and allows them to track, manage, and report on computer repairs. It is integrated into the RFS application to associate and facilitate the repair process with an open customer RFS ticket.

  • Safeware Laptop Insurance

- This application provides real time access to insurance information on CCI machines. This information is needed to repair or replace damaged CCI machines. The Safeware application integrates with both the CTOPS/RAMShop and the CRC Remedy applications.

Hours of Availability

Since RFS is a mission-critical and campus-wide application, we provide Remedy support at the application server level 24 X 7.

Application development and support is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m – 5 p.m.


Any technical support professional on campus, as well as campus faculty and staff who want to use a Remedy application.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Identify a primary point of contact to work with Remedy Admin and to maintain the group’s data.
  • Provide a bill code that can be charged for the costs of Remedy licenses and maintenance.
  • Submit a Remedy RFS ticket to Remedy Admin to request support.

How Do We Charge

  • Remedy groups outside of ITS must purchase the Remedy licenses and maintenance commensurate with their user base.
  • Annual maintenance is a recurring charge and is based on the number and type of Remedy licenses the group uses.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Contact the ITS Remedy Team to request information relating to the use of RFS or any other Remedy application or service by sending an email to or by contacting the ITS Help Desk at 919-962-HELP.