PC and Mac Data Backup (Iron Mountain)

Service Description

Iron Mountain Connected Backup is a software package that allows the end-user to backup their data to a network server hosted by Iron Mountain. This software can be purchased by departments using an FRS account number or for personal use via a UNC One Card. Some of the benefits of this software include:
  • Support for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
  • Automatic nightly backups that simply run in the background
  • Access to your data is available from your computer or from any computer that connects to the internet
  • Support for this service is provided by the ITS Response Center 24x7
  • All data is compressed and encrypted
  • Send-once functionality allows efficient backups by eliminating the storage of identical files

Hours of Availability

Iron Mountain can be purchased or used anytime by visiting http://software.unc.edu/IM.


All faculty, staff and students interested in backing up their data.

Customer Responsibilities

Contacting the ITS Response Center if any problems arise.

How Do We Charge

There is a yearly per license charge of $108 for Departmental bulk purchases and $120 for individual personal purchases.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Please visit http://help.unc.edu or http://software.unc.edu/IM for more details.