On-Site Support

Service Description

The User Support and Engagement On-Site Support group (OSS) is committed to the goal of providing professional, informed, courteous, customer-focused IT services, in person at the customer's work location.

The OSS provides continuity, centralized management, and ITS supervision of the position. All human resources related activities and responsibilities, including recruitment, work performance reviews, career banding, and direct supervision of the position is provided by ITS.

This service is provided directly to the customer within the customer’s offices and buildings. ITS staff assigned to the given customer site perform their work from within the customer site, working directly with the customer throughout their work day. Additionally, OSS staff may serve as liaisons with other ITS services on behalf of the customer.

Requests for support services are received and processed throughout the work day, through Remedy tickets or through direct contact with the OSS staff. These services are typically provided during regular work hours, 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

The primary focus of the On Site Support group is to support the customer’s business functions, and to provide support services to the customer’s computer and campus data network infrastructure. Our goal is to provide quality support and where appropriate management of the customer site’s computer and infrastructure installations. We provide support for all campus-standard office applications, and we will provide best-effort support of most non-campus standard systems used within a given customer’s offices. Please note we do not provide direct application support for any applications other than the campus-standard suite of office automation applications. ITS has application services groups that are in place specifically to provide support of business-specific applications. We gladly refer customer departments to these other ITS service areas as needed and where appropriate.

US&E OSS will provide services in the following areas:

Desktop computer services:

  • Desktop and laptop hardware installation
  • Desktop and laptop hardware management, inventory, maintenance, etc...
  • Desktop and laptop hardware troubleshooting

Software services:

  • Software installation
  • Software management, inventory, maintenance, etc
  • Software troubleshooting focused on quality of installation
  • Minimal applications software support
  • Triage of software troubleshooting with other ITS service groups

Business function services:

  • General consultation regarding campus-standard equipment
  • Periodic reports on status of systems
  • ITS communication and information
  • Advice and counsel as requested, required and appropriate
  • Direct access to other ITS and campus centralized resources

Network infrastructure support:

  • Connectivity to ITS services
  • Customer site network connectivity
  • Customer site liaison services with ITS Communication Technologies

Other services:

  • ITS services - email, calendar, ITS training, ITS applications, etc
  • Software troubleshooting focused on quality of installation
  • Infrastructure such as location of the Customer Dept’s server within the ITS Server Farm, ITS Shared Storage, use of ITS AFS space, etc...

Hours of Availability

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with additional services available beyond normal working hours through prior arrangement with staff and ITS management.


Any department on campus who wishes to utilize the service may use our services.

Customer Responsibilities

We ask each customer site to designate a staff person to be our primary contact person, referred to as the Point of Contact. The Point of Contact (POC) is a way for the ITS staff delivering the services to the Customer’s site to be aware of the appropriate tasks and priorities that need to be addressed for the Customer. The Customer should identify a person, a committee or a group of staff from within the Customer’s Dept. to serve as the primary contact point and source of communication for the ITS staff on behalf of the Customer. Our goal is to make sure that our On Site Support staff is aware of the tasks that need to be addressed, and that the tasks are in the order of priority that best satisfies the Customer’s overall business goals and objectives.

How Do We Charge

These services are provided on a cost reimbursement basis. Typically, the customer department provides the ITS Business Office with a fund account or group of accounts which are used to cover the costs of the staff position(s) used by the given customer. Because of this, ITS requires the Customer department to sign a Memo of Understanding. The Memo must be signed by the customer department’s dean/chairperson or budget officer – a department staff representative that has signatory authority to commit the funding.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Contact 919-962-HELP, visit http://its.unc.edu/service-catalog/on-site-support/, or please contact Ken Yow at (919) 962-1422 or send an email to ken_yow@unc.edu.