Mailing Services

Service Description

Folding and inserting of printed document and selected flyers into #10 envelopes for production applications to mail student bills, checks and reports.

  • One Bowe Bell & Howell model 420 folder
  • One Bowe Bell & Howell model 500 inserter
  • One Baum folder
  • HIPAA certification
  • Mailing Services Meter Base to apply postage to mail

Hours of Availability

Available 24 x 7.


Thirty-plus business units including Student Information Systems, Payroll, General Finance, General Administration, ConnectCarolina, Alumni and the Development Office.

Customer Responsibilities

Service is provided for ITS Enterprise Operations customers who use ITS Printing Services. Customers provide data in acceptable supported ITS Enterprise Operations print stream formats and purchase/provide special forms per ITS Enterprise Operations standards for printing and mailing services. Customer must provide University billing account information for postage charge.

How Do We Charge

Customers are billed postage charge by UNC-Chapel Hill postal service or third party postal presort service.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service