Learning Space Design

Service Description

The primary role of the Learning Space Design team is to provide project management and quality assurance functions for the AV and systems integration of a renovation or new construction. We are involved in the review of schedules, project documents, diagrams, and job sites throughout the construction or renovation process to ensure that a quality AV system and installation occurs.

For more than a decade, we have participated in every General Purpose Classroom renovation at UNC-Chapel Hill. From the very first master classroom to our modern, sleek and sophisticated Multimedia Classrooms, we have placed Carolina at the forefront of innovative instructional technology.

Learning Space Design at UNC-Chapel Hill was an early-adopter of low-cost, high-performance LCD Projection Technology. We pioneered the use of the standardized control interface, enabling faculty to operate any classroom system without special training.

We developed the first fully-automated, low-cost, self-service teleconferencing classroom built on H.323 protocol.

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Systems Integration
  • Security & Surveillance Consultations
  • System Installation
  • Control System Design & Programming
  • Equipment Procurement
  • AV System Design and Consultation

ICIA Certified installers on staff

Hours of Availability

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Departments and schools

Customer Responsibilities

Customers are required to submit their requirements via Remedy system and participate in the first information-gathering meeting. A signed agreement is required before any design work starts.

How Do We Charge

ITS Learning Design Service is free to all general-purpose classrooms. For other design needs, there is an hourly fee of $45. The total cost of a project will be presented to customers after the first information-gathering meeting.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

To request our services please use the Online Help Request system.

For additional information go to:  http://its.unc.edu/teachingandlearning/teaching-and-learning/learning-space-design/