Grid Computing

Service Description

ITS Research Computing, in partnership with RENCI, manages a Condor-based campus grid service. Known as the TarHeel Grid, the service goal is to salvage unused CPU cycles of desktop and server machines on campus (for example, office computers that sit idle all night and on the weekend) and put them to good use for research. Based on the Condor software developed by the University of Wisconsin at Madison, this distributed computing system can be used to provide high throughput computing to solve problems which require large amount of computing cycles, in a relatively short time. ITS Research Computing provides the central campus Condor services, and computer owners all around the campus can join their computers to the pool. The owners remain in control of their resources and can change the policies on how their machines can be used by fellow researchers on campus. In return for sharing your resources, there is a larger pool of machines to use when you need them. The TarHeel Grid is documented on the wiki site at

Hours of Availability

TarHeel Grid services are typically available 24x7 other than during planned maintenance periods or unanticipated emergencies (such as loss of commercial power to the data center). System or service outages occurring outside business hours will be investigated on the next business day.


Faculty, postdocs, staff and students engaged in research or learning to use research applications.

Customer Responsibilities

Responsible use of the resources. These services are not intended for use with protected or sensitive data.

How Do We Charge

Currently, there are no charges associated with accounts or usage.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

For additional information about the TarHeel Grid, please visit and then select a link under “tarheel grid” on the left column. You can also contact to learn more about this service.