File Storage (AFS)

Service Description

ITS offers a free file storage solution for the campus. The service is implemented via Andrews File System (AFS). AFS is

  • Single virtual directory structure - The service is distributed across many individual file servers but customers address the space using a virtualized view. This allows ITS to move workload between servers without impacting users.
  • Direct access to AFS is facilitated via a thick client. Clients are available for most operating systems in use on campus.
  • sFTP access is available through
  • AFS has an enhanced access control and security group model. The access controls are much more granular than those available under the UNIX security model.
  • AFS is the underlying storage for a large percentage of
  • Backup and Recovery - AFS has a dedicated backup environment. 1 year of backups are stored onsite and 2 weeks of backups are stored offsite on encrypted tapes.

AFS is hosted by ITS. The service spans 20 physical file servers and hosts approximately 10 terabytes of data.

Hours of Availability

This service is available 24x7.


Entire campus

Customer Responsibilities

Responsible use of the storage. The environment is NOT a solution for sensitive data.

How Do We Charge

  • Faculty, Staff, Graduate students and student organizations are eligible for 250 MB at no charge.
  • Departments receive a 10 GB free storage allotment.
  • A free additional 1 GB per faculty member is available to be pooled with the 10 GB departmental allotment.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Please see our web site:

Submit a Remedy request to ITS-Enterprise-Storage