Service Description

Elluminate is a Web conferencing system that allows groups to meet, present, and collaborate.

Participants in an Elluminate session can:

  • Have discussions using voice or text chat
  • Write, draw, and paste images on a shared whiteboard
  • Present materials imported from PowerPoint
  • Conduct polls and give quizzes
  • Simultaneously view web pages, video, and other multimedia
  • Use breakout rooms to work in smaller groups
  • View or share documents or software running on any participant's computer
  • Record sessions for later viewing or review

Instructors can set up Elluminate sessions for:

  • Hosting guest speakers
  • Holding virtual office hours
  • Leading test review sessions
  • Teaching class sessions online

Blackboard sites can also set up Elluminate sessions within their Blackboard sites.

Hours of Availability

Availability is 24x7 with planned maintenance outages


Faculty and staff

Customer Responsibilities

The only equipment required to participate in an Elluminate session is a computer with a connection to the Internet. For audio discussions, those speaking will need a microphone, preferably a USB headset with noise cancellation.

Learn to use the tool via online live.

Adhere to related University and ITS Security policies and procedures.

How Do We Charge

There is no charge for faculty and staff.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

If you don’t have any Blackboard course sites, please submit an Online Help Request  for an Elluminate meeting creation.

For additional information go to http://help.unc.edu/CCM3_008528.