DNS (Domain Name Services)

Service Description

DNS (Domain Name Services) is a key function required for the use of the modern Internet. DNS, which translates a user and domain name concatenation into an IPv4 or IPv6 numeric address, is a hierarchical registry that UNC-CH is the authoritative source for all domain names assigned to the University and recognized by the international Internet. The service provided is to assign a name or sub domain within the name space UNC-CH controls and the associated IP number that will get resolved by the end user to reach that network device using that user name/domain name combination.

Hours of Availability

In-service and emergency support: 24 hours a day – 7 days a week (subject to periodic scheduled downtime for system maintenance and repair) New service provisioning: Monday through Friday – Normal University working hours (excluding observed holidays)


All UNC-CH faculty, staff and students

Customer Responsibilities

Customer must submit a service request.

How Do We Charge

Core campus service – no direct charge to customers

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Contact 962-HELP or submit an on-line request at https://www.unc.edu/ar-bin/websub/index.pl