Apache Web Services

Service Description

Apache web server hosting campus sites, including www.unc.edu namespace, user homepages delivered out of user home directories in AFS and departmental web sites. Note: ITS web-hosting of unc.edu sites is a blended service, with content delivered out of both the Apache Web Services and the Carolina Content Management System.

Hours of Availability

This service is available 24x7. This is a load-balanced service. Maintenance is generally done by taking a server out of the pool to work on it, and returning it when maintenance is complete. If maintenance is needed across all hosts in the pool then the change is rolled through the servers without taking down the service. If maintenance can't be accomplished as above, then it will generally be in the standard ITS maintenance windows. Setup and configuration support Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Entire campus

Customer Responsibilities

All content is created and maintained by the customer

How Do We Charge

Provided with no departmental chargeback.

How To Request More Information On Or Request The Service

Submit a Remedy ticket to ITS-Enterprise-Systems