A Q&A with Kim Stahl of the ITS Policy Office

In this Q&A, IT Policy Facilitator Kim Stahl of the ITS Policy Office at UNC-Chapel Hill explains the role of the ITS Policy Office, what she’s working on in 2017 and why this work matters. This Q&A is the first … Continued

SASB North Service Desk gets renovated

Walk-in service center relocates, creates inviting workspace

As it is well into the new year, you undoubtedly have already taken stock of your shortcomings and thought about everything you were going to do better: travel more, be more sociable, take some classes to broaden your knowledge. Well, … Continued

A photo of the Old Well with the headline Lenovo Contract - New Four-Year Agreement.

Lenovo to supply computers to UNC-Chapel Hill CCI

Lenovo has been selected to supply desktop and laptop computers to UNC-Chapel Hill through the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI) under a new four-year agreement that includes several collaborative opportunities between the University and Lenovo. Contract runs through 2021 The contract, … Continued

Sakai 11 Upgrade

ITS Teaching & Learning preps campus for Sakai upgrade

ITS Teaching & Learning has been preparing UNC-Chapel Hill for an upgrade to Sakai 11. Now with students away for winter break and final grades submitted, Sakai is offline today while Teaching & Learning rolls out the new version. The … Continued

Photo of ITS Service Desk operating during winter break.

Even during winter break, ITS is ready for your call

If something’s weird and it doesn’t look good, who are you going to call? Well, if it’s IT weird, hopefully, you’re going to call 919-962-HELP. That’s true around the clock and around the calendar at UNC-Chapel Hill, including Christmas week. … Continued

Cell phone showing bank account information, promoting PSA contest hosted by ITS.

Video PSA urging caution on public Wi-Fi wins contest

Carolina students check their bank account balances throughout the day, every day from their mobile phones. By urging students to be cautious about the sites they visit while using public Wi-Fi, classmates from the School of Media and Journalism have … Continued

office desk with computer, mug, glasses and notebook

ITS Digital Services expands custom web development

ITS Digital Services and UNC Creative have begun collaborating to streamline web development work on campus. This new arrangement, which has been in pilot testing and officially takes effect January 1, will enable UNC Creative to focus on its design … Continued

DCIO Susan Kellogg talks to a student at Adobe Red Tent Day.

Campus embraces Adobe Creative Cloud

Since UNC-Chapel Hill rolled out Adobe Creative Cloud to campus in mid-September, ITS Software Acquisition has received orders from more than 4,400 students and from 412 employees with non-instructional departments. ITS Teaching & Learning, meanwhile, has issued an additional 154 … Continued

6AM Update – Campus Email Outage

As you are probably aware, yesterday, June 9th, ITS experienced a significant degradation of email service. Teams have been working around the clock to troubleshoot and are working directly with … Continued

Spring 2016 Welcome Message from the Vice Chancellor for IT

Dear Carolina Community, Welcome – and welcome back – to all of our students, faculty and staff members. At the beginning of each semester, I like to send a note … Continued

ITS team wins Jingle Bell Jog award

ITS staffers demonstrated good humor, holiday spirit and camaraderie by donning festive costumes and participating as the 40-member Tech the Halls team in the campus-wide Jingle Bell Jog on Friday, … Continued

Two months on the job, AVC Dennis Schmidt is enjoying his new role

Now on the job for two months at Information Technology Services, Assistant Vice Chancellor Dennis Schmidt said he’s been impressed by the professionalism of the ITS staff, pleased by the … Continued

A UNC Cause recap: Integrating non-native applications with Sakai

At the 2015 UNC Cause, Morgon Haskell, Support Specialist with ITS Teaching & Learning, led a session about the lifecycle of integrating non-native applications with the Sakai learning environment. In … Continued

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