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Employee Council Membership Policies

  • Each division within ITS should have 1 primary member and 1 alternate on the Employee Council.
  • Participation is approved by the Assistant Vice Chancellor of each division. Participation of Each nominee is approved by their supervisors before the official offer to join the council is offered.
  • Each member will serve a 1 year term.
  • At the end of their initial term, members may choose to remain on the EC for a second term. Term limits will be set at 2 consecutive years. Staff are eligible to join the EC again after a 4 year period has elapsed.
  • Officers will be elected at the beginning of each year. A member may serve as an officer for a maximum of 2 years.

The Employee Council Mission

  • to serve as a safe communication conduit between staff and management
  • to address inter-division concerns and interaction
  • to establish and provide continuity for the workplace and staff community
  • to inject inspiration, energy and enthusiasm into the daily work experience


  • Each primary member of the EC will have 1 vote.
  • Alternates will be non-voting members unless the primary delegates their vote to the alternate.
  • Voting issues are passed with a 2/3 majority of the membership.


The ITS Employee Council is staff organization that exist with the endorsement of the CIO, Chris Kielt, and the senior staff of UNC ITS.