CTC’s new leader shares peek of CTC Retreat

October may seem like still a long way out, but Clint Kale, Carolina Technology Consultants’ 2015-2016 president, is in the thick of planning for the group’s big event—the CTC Retreat on October 22. Kale, who is Coordinator of Information Technology … Continued

ITS names new Assistant Vice Chancellors

UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services has announced the names of the two people who will join the senior leadership team. Sandra Germenis will join ITS on September 1 as Assistant Vice Chancellor for User Support & Engagement. She’s coming to … Continued

ConnectCarolina mobile now available in CarolinaGO app

Welcome back to campus! As many of you know, CarolinaGO (the University’s mobile app) was developed and launched by students in partnership with ITS last year. We are excited to announce that a mobile version of ConnectCarolina is now available … Continued

Where to find ITS in the Twittersphere

Want to keep up throughout the day with issues, happenings and news related to and of interest to UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services? Twitter is a good place for that, and a good source for that information are the Twitter … Continued

ITS names recipients of Star Heels Awards

UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services has named the department’s recipients of the 2015 Star Heels Awards. Administered by Benefits Services in the Office of Human Resources, the Star Heels Award Program recognizes and rewards excellent employees. Award recipients receive a … Continued

New enrollment model for eduroam launches

The beta enrollment model for eduroam migrates to the production enrollment model for the entire campus on Monday, August 3, starting at 5:30 p.m. and finishing by 8 p.m., at the latest. Following this migration, you will configure a system … Continued

July 31 network service-continuity testing

On Friday, July 31, at 5:30 p.m., ITS Communication Technologies will conduct a service-continuity test. The purpose of this test is to ensure appropriate redundancy measures are in place for critical campus IT architecture. The importance of continuity testing ITS … Continued