How to protect yourself online

IT Security Specialist Chris Demetriou discusses ways to strengthen your cyber security and privacy. He stresses that awareness is your strongest ally for protecting yourself online. Autumn is about upon us. And that means a new school year and soccer … Continued

Ransomware can severely restrict computer access

In a guest post for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Alex Everett, IT Security Architect at Information Technology Services, explains how ransomware works and provides some brief history of its use. Ransomware is a type of malware that, if successfully … Continued

Investigating data compromises: insights from a responder

IT Security Specialist Brian Penders is the lead incident handler at UNC-Chapel Hill. As an incident handler, Penders and his team respond to reports of data compromises that involve University-owned sensitive information. In this blog, which Penders first published on … Continued

How to reduce your risk when using debit and credit cards

In a guest post for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Dan McLamb, IT Security Specialist at Information Technology Services, discusses ways to reduce your risk when using debit and credit cards. The following guidance is intended for general security awareness, … Continued

How to support cyber security month

EDUCAUSE representatives offer the following tips for getting involved during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here are six things you and your team can do to show your organization’s support during the month … Continued

Cyber Security Awareness Month promotes safety

All this month during National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), ITS News will share tips, resources and insights on ways to protect yourself online. In addition to providing information to empower individual consumers to be safer and more secure online, … Continued

2-Step Verification launching on October 5

On October 5, UNC-Chapel Hill will implement 2-Step Verification, a process designed to secure and safeguard personal information and vital University data and credentials. At a time when phishing scams are becoming ever more frequent on our campus, this enhancement … Continued

Alert Carolina system improved

In late June, UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services, Campus Safety & Risk Management, and Communications and Public Affairs implemented significant enhancements that streamlined and automated more of the Alert Carolina Emergency Notification System. Improvements enable faster activation With a project … Continued

“Creepy” video PSA wins ITS’ cyber security contest

Creepy took the prize. In a contest promoting cyber security, UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services has awarded the top prize to four University seniors who created a creepy video that warns against using geotags in social media. ITS created the … Continued