ConnectCarolina Outage Dec. 19, 5pm – 11pm

There will be a scheduled maintenance outage of ConnectCarolina on Thurs., Dec. 19, 5pm to 11pm.  More information here:

Important Changes to ConnectCarolina Access for Faculty and Staff

As part of an effort to increase the security and reliability of Carolina’s information technology resources, ITS is implementing changes to faculty and staff connections to the ConnectCarolina application. The University’s data systems are under constant attack, with millions of unwanted connection attempts each month. ConnectCarolina, the administrative system for student services (and in 2014, HR/Payroll and Finance), contains sensitive data and it’s important to protect this data from these attacks by using secure methods to access ConnectCarolina. These changes will go into effect on the evening of Dec. 18.

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Accessing ConnectCarolina via Portal

ITS has launched a new portal for login to ConnectCarolina at the landing page This change, which took place on Oct. 18, 2013, affects everyone who uses ConnectCarolina: faculty, staff, students and alumni. The MyUNC ( ) web page will be phased out. The portal is a wrapper around all of ConnectCarolina, and is necessary to prepare for the addition of the Finance and HR/Payroll pieces to the Student Information and Administration (SIA) component.

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Sign Up to Attend Feb. 25 ConnectCarolina Town Hall

Click here to learn more about the Feb. 25 ConnectCarolina Town Hall and how you can sign up to attend.

Less Than a Year to Go-Live for ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll and Finance

Click here to read more about the ConnectCarolina project as it moves toward go-live of the HR/Payroll and Finance components.

ConnectCarolina Project Phases and Timeline

Click here for the February 2013 update to ConnectCarolina’s project phases and timelines.

Student Records Reports to be Introduced

The initial set of Student Records reports will be introduced to a group of campus users at a meeting on Nov. 15. This marks the first step for the return to self-service reporting, and the repository of reports will grow over time.

The key reports being released are: Class Instructor; Class Meeting; Degree Candidates; Degree Recipients; Term Enrollment; Class; Class TBA. 

These are the most commonly used reports, and have been designed to be as user-friendly and flexible as possible.

Tnformation on access to and use of these reports as well as how to get help and report problems will be provided.

For more information, contact the University Registrar.

Project Update for October 2012

Progress continues on the ConnectCarolina project as the analysis and requirements gathering phase closes, and the design, development and testing phases gear up. With a go-live date of January 2014, here is just a brief look at what the project team is working on. Read More…

Project Update for September 2012

The ConnectCarolina project team is deep into the implementation of the Finance and HR/Payroll modules of PeopleSoft. Much of the analysis phase is complete, and the Finance and HR/Payroll project teams are into the detailed work of the project – taking the University’s needs and configuring PeopleSoft to work for us with as little customization as possible.  Here is just a brief look at what the project team is working on. Read More…

Deployment Strategy for ConnectCarolina

The Sponsors of the University’s ERP, which includes the ConnectCarolina project, made this announcement on August 28, 2012:

As you may know, the University is well along in a process to replace all of our aging legacy administrative systems with PeopleSoft as part of our ConnectCarolina project. Our student systems were replaced with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and efforts have been underway for some time on similar implementations of our University financial and human resources systems. This memo is intended to provide you an update on the remaining implementation schedule for this critical initiative.

The ConnectCarolina project team’s initial thinking was to deploy the finance and human resources/payroll components of PeopleSoft in a phased approach, with the PeopleSoft finance modules implemented in July 2013 and human resources/payroll following several months later in October. However, the project team and the ConnectCarolina Executive Sponsors have continued to carefully assess and analyze deployment options and it has now been determined that the University would be best served by implementing the PeopleSoft financial and human resources modules all together in January 2014 rather than using a phased approach as previously thought. Read More…