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About HeelMail

HeelMail is the student e-mail system at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is powered by Microsoft’s Live@edu platform. Advantages of using HeelMail include collaboration tools, a calendar and integration with the ITS-managed Exchange e-mail system for faculty and staff.

After a lengthy evaluation process, the UNC-Chapel Hill Executive Branch of Student Government chose Microsoft Live@edu based on its customizable options and its ability to integrate with the ITS-managed Exchange service for faculty and staff.

Students can opt-in to the service beginning in April. Additional information on how to opt-in will be available then.

Student e-mail users of the centrally ITS-managed IMAP system (webmail.unc.edu, imap.unc.edu) should make the switch as soon as possible, no later than Friday, September 16. A mandatory transition begins on Sunday, September 18.

Sign up for HeelMail

If you are a UNC-Chapel Hill student and want to start using HeelMail, visit unc.edu/heelmail/signup.

How to sign up for HeelMail

1. Go to http://www.unc.edu/heelmail/signup in your web browser
2. Enter your Onyen and password in the dialog box
3. You will see a “Home” tab
4. Click the “Email Sign UP” link, by default the “Update Listserv Subscriptions” box should be checked (this will automatically update your listserv subscriptions from current UNC-Chapel Hill email to HeelMail (onyen@live.unc.edu).
5. Press the “Submit” button
6. Shortly after clicking the submit button, you will receive an email at your current UNC-Chapel Hill email account with instructions on how to set up your new HeelMail account, including how to transfer emails into your new account and more.

Useful links:

HeelMail Updates

Stay up to date on the latest HeelMail news and events at the following links: